Attack on Titan's Opening—Starring the Cast of Super Mario Bros. 3

Uploaded in July, about a thousand or so people have viewed this fan's virtuoso recreation of Attack on Titan's opening using Super Mario Bros. 3 sprites. The Bill Blaster at the one-minute mark, followed by the billowing Mushroom Kingdom standard and the squadron of Tanooki Toads—this is strict attention to detail. »9/11/13 4:00pm9/11/13 4:00pm

This is Why Mario's Tanooki Suit Used to Fly, and Why it Doesn't Anymore

As many of you know, the upcoming Super Mario game for the 3DS will be bringing back Mario's iconic Tanooki suit, the raccoon-like outfit that allowed Mario fly in Super Mario Bros. 3. Though the suit has returned, its functions have changed. As it turns out, Mario will not be able to fly this time around. »6/15/11 6:40pm6/15/11 6:40pm