Twenty Super Mario Bros. 3 Glitches You Might Not Know About

Over the years, folks have found a ton of glitches inside of Super Mario Bros. 3—so even if you've played it before, chances are good that there's still stuff you've never seen inside the game.

Some glitches are small, but neat. Some glitches are huge and ridiculous, like the one featured in the initial GIF in this post—where Bowser loses the ability to breathe fire at you. A+Start walks us through lots of them—not only showcasing what they are, but the specific conditions necessary to replicate them yourself. The video includes:

  1. A crouch block glitch, which lets you circumvent blocks (plus, places you can use the glitch to great effect—like to get to special rooms or bosses, for example)
  2. What glitches appear if you go into specific stage backgrounds
  3. A map glitch which lets you venture into a void
  4. An airwalk glitch
  5. A stage where a bush can turn into a block
  6. A mushroom glitch which causes another Mario sprite to appear
  7. Getting a mushroom to kill a paragoomba
  8. How to get a green shoe to glitch onto your Tanooki suit
  9. Places where turning into a statue will accidentally kill you
  10. How to come across an unused sprite
  11. How to warp instantly into a boss room
  12. Endless Mario somersaults
  13. How to get weird vine spawning
  14. An item disappearing glitch
  15. Where the game spawns strange invisible enemies
  16. How to get a Boom Boom to swoop completely out of the level
  17. How to get Bowser to stop breathing fire in the final boss battle—making the battle way easier
  18. How to get stuck inside a pipe
  19. How to get to the final screen by glitching through an earlier stage
  20. The many places you can glitch to and get stuck in

And more! Mind, many of these glitches are level-specific, but A+Start is clear about where and when you can do some of this stuff.


You can read more about Super Mario Bros. 3 glitches here, or watch how someone beats the game in under three minutes using the final screen glitch here.



Ah, Super Mario Bros. 3. You were my most wanted game in my childhood even after playing the masterpiece that was Super Mario World.

I never got to play the NES version of the game, but I did finally get that chance shortly after Super Mario All-Stars released for the SNES, and I remember quite a few glitches I've done that made it in the SMB3 "remake", including the white block glitch, Tanooki Suit statue glitch, and a random map glitch that crashed the game; which sadly I cannot even remember what even happened other than pixel vomit.