The Secret To Beating A Mario Level Without Looking

Wanna be able to beat the first level of Super Mario Bros 3 without looking? This guy figured out a really cool trick: jump along with the music.

Pretty impressive, huh? Hardly the hardest level ever, but again: Riggs' eyes were facing away from the whole video game part of the video game. Can't stress that enough. He made it look like a breeze, too, thanks in large part to his song-based timing.

That's not to say the insidiously catchy tune is part of a Da Vinci Code-style conspiracy that goes to the very highest levels of Nintendo, some long-buried treasure map to guide intrepid wrong-direction-facers through the level. Rather, it just fits the level's pace well, so if you've memorized a jumping pattern, it's easy to recall by way of matching it to the music. And let us not forget that there's ample research that suggests music aids in memorization.


In reality, though, Riggs put quite a bit of time and effort into perfecting his pattern before he turned it into the world's most utilitarian slowjam:

So yeah, it's not easy. The end result is pretty great, though. Also, Riggs' song is totally stuck in my head now. It's surprisingly pleasant, though, so I don't mind all that much, even if the wording kinda makes it sound like he's singing about vaulting over fecal matter.

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He is pretty obviously looking at something behind camera. A couple of times when mario is stuck behind a block you can see him look up at something. I'm pretty sure he's just using a mirror.

It's especially obvious around :30 and :40.