Attack on Titan's Opening—Starring the Cast of Super Mario Bros. 3

Uploaded in July, about a thousand or so people have viewed this fan's virtuoso recreation of Attack on Titan's opening using Super Mario Bros. 3 sprites. The Bill Blaster at the one-minute mark, followed by the billowing Mushroom Kingdom standard and the squadron of Tanooki Toads—this is strict attention to detail.


Dedicated Attack on Titan fans should have a lot of fun pointing out all the substitutes (timestamp 'em in the comments, to help others out.) For neophytes like me, this comparison trailer—also 1:33 long—should make for a helpful viewing reference.

Attack on Koopa: Super Mario Bros. 3 [YouTube, uploaded by TheRyuujinMike. h/t Brian C]

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Why did they have to change the damn opening?