The World Won't End This Month (But If It Did, It Should Look Like This)

As you may be aware, there's a belief that the Mayans predicted the end of the world this month. They didn't. But just the thought of the apocalypse has people dreaming up ways they're going to meet the end of days. » 12/14/12 8:30am 12/14/12 8:30am

A Space Invader Origin Story Is Hilarious, Brilliant, And Sort Of…

Space Invaders: they move mindlessly. In formation, they slowly attack, heading towards earth with a terrifying, robotic certainty. But what about before these invaders were selected to wage war on humanity? What happened before then? In this brilliant comic, we get to see the Space Invader origin story - watch as he… » 9/03/12 10:00pm 9/03/12 10:00pm

The Giant Alien Dick Machines of Space Invaders Pinball

In 1980, Bally released a pinball machine called Space Invaders. It was about as shameless a rip-off as you could hope for, as despite the opportunity to lift iconic imagery from Taito's arcade classic of the same name, it instead stole designs from Ridley Scott's 1979 movie Alien. » 4/17/12 11:00pm 4/17/12 11:00pm

A Man Named Knucklez Doubles the Space Invaders World Record

On October 7, 2011, Flemington, NJ's Richie Knucklez catapulted himself into the video game record books by racking up 110,510 points in the original 1978 arcade hit Space Invaders, more than doubling the previously held record. How did he do it? Owning his own arcade certainly didn't hurt. » 10/17/11 1:20pm 10/17/11 1:20pm

Giant Plastic Alien Heads, Badass Fantasy Art & Video Games

Fans of classic rock and fantasy art will no doubt be familiar with the name Roger Dean. The British artist is as synonymous with 1970's prog rock (especially the band Yes) as epic guitar tracks, and his bold, unique art style means you've probably seen and remembered his work, even if you've never remembered his name. » 9/12/11 12:00am 9/12/11 12:00am