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New Pixels Movie Posters Are Works Of Arcade Art

Illustration for article titled New iPixels/i Movie Posters Are Works Of Arcade Art

Sony's big screen adaptation of Patrick Jean's outstanding games-versus-real-life animated short scored a trio of new posters today, evoking far greater majesty than a movie starring Adam Sandler has any right to.


Sandler, Josh Gad and Peter Dinklage form the trio of old-school arcade champions that are the world's only hope against invading aliens that misinterpreted Earth's video games as a declaration of war. The premise is completely goofy, but if the July 24 film can pull off imagery that comes anywhere close to what we're seeing in these posters, it'll be glorious.

And if not, at least we got some cool posters out of the deal.

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So they're making a movie based on a Futurama short story, huh?