Space Invaders Makes for a Great Themed Chess Set

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It's no secret I've stayed away from Kickstarter topics, as the whole thing by now strikes me as an Etsy for things that don't exist. That said, there are some pretty cool projects there that have some reasonable fund-raising expectations and stand a good chance at delivering on their promise. This is one, a Space Invaders chess set.


If nothing else, it's neat to look at. NMI Laser of Traverse City is testing interest in a laser-cut set of nine different acryllic Invader sprites. One day in, they're a third of the way toward a modest $5,000 goal. $65 will buy an entire set and board once it's produced. Lower contribution amounts will give you one or more of the pieces as desktop novelties. The piece selections are well done. I like the bunkers as rooks and the flying saucer as the queen. The fundraiser is over at the end of the month.

Space Invader Chess Set laser cut from acrylic [Kickstarter]

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$65 is a tad over price when you can make it for around $10.