I Would Not Ever Really Expect Space Invaders On The Ocean Floor

Illustration for article titled I Would Not Ever Really Expect emSpace Invaders/em On The Ocean Floor

Artist Invader has a theme: Space Invaders. His homages to the little 8-bit enemies show up all over the world, on art and loose in wild, showing up in all manner of places where one might not ordinarily expect them.


In this case, he went to the Bay of Cancun, where sculptor Jason Taylor deCaires had a number of submerged sculptures. The result? Cheerful little Space Invaders, only now, I suppose, they must be Ocean Invaders.

I suppose they're like the Spanish Inquisition, really: nobody expects them. And yet, there they are.


Invader New Underwater Invasion, Cancun, Mexico [Street Art News via Neatorama]

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Speaking of Invader if anyone has watched the movie Exit Through the Gift Shop it gives a fascinating showcase of various street artists and how Invader basically lost out big to his idiot cousin Mr.Brainwash.