How Video Game Breasts Are Made (And Why They Can Go Wrong)

Breasts swing. They sag. They flop. They can move. Over the years, many games have tried to emulate the way breasts behave. There's even a term for it: "Breast physics." » 2/24/15 2:00pm 2/24/15 2:00pm

Knives-on-Nunchucks Martial Artist Clearly Wants Real Life Soul Calibur

I don't know if Polish martial artist Kacper Borowski plays Soul Calibur—though there is a pic with a caption of Sagat on his Facebook page. But if they make ever make movies about the medieval martial arts fighting franchise, the producers need to give this guy a call. » 2/05/15 10:00am 2/05/15 10:00am

Pokkén Tournament Even Surprised Tekken's Producer

Where The World's Best Fighting Game Characters Come From

Thanks to a tradition that goes back as far as Street Fighter II, fighting game stories are usually presented as world tournaments. It's a convenient narrative device, as it allows the opportunity to display fighting styles from around the world to distinguish characters from one another. But which of these countries… » 8/27/14 4:45pm 8/27/14 4:45pm

Ace Combat Infinity and Soulcalibur Lost Swords have been delayed to next year, according to a recent announcement by publisher Namco Bandai. Originally, both free-to-play PS3 titles were slated to arrive in late 2013. » 12/19/13 7:45am 12/19/13 7:45am

Sadly, GameCube-exclusive Link will not be included in Soul Calibur II HD Online this fall, but PS2-exclusive Heihachi and Xbox-exclusive Spawn will be available in both the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network versions. Combined, they are nearly as good as the Hero of Hyrule. Almost. » 8/29/13 8:30pm 8/29/13 8:30pm

A Video Game Sword To Give You...Nightmares

Casy Kovach wanted to build a replica of Nightmare’s Soul Edge blade from Soulcalibur. So grabbing some wood, paint and a glass eye, he went right ahead and did it. » 7/23/13 1:00am 7/23/13 1:00am

There's An HD Version of Soul Calibur 2 On Its Way

Today at San Diego Comic-Con, Namco Bandai announced that Soul Calibur 2 is getting a high-definition update for the PS3 and Xbox 360. » 7/19/13 6:31pm 7/19/13 6:31pm

A Visual History of Attractive Video Game Characters: The 90s

By the end of the 90s, the 16-bit era ended and 3D took over. With the PlayStation and 3D graphics cards out there allowing for new possibilities, narrative and gameplay, the 90s produced some of the most attractive characters in video game history. » 4/30/13 6:00pm 4/30/13 6:00pm

She's So Good At Soul Calibur, She Doesn't Need To Look At The Screen…

If there's a gaming equivalent to trick shots, not looking at the screen while playing would be one of them—and one that's all the more impressive when you're playing against another person. » 2/28/13 1:00pm 2/28/13 1:00pm

Why SoulCalibur V Only Had One-Fourth of a Full Story Mode

Seeing where the plotlines for your favorite characters go. The shiny CGI ending sequences. These have traditionally been the reasons a person slogs through the cheap-ass boss fights in the story mode of a 3D fighting game. SoulCalibur V gave you neither and many fans of Namo's fighting franchise—including me—were… » 3/30/12 2:00pm 3/30/12 2:00pm

Unlikely Fan Fiction Crossover Battle: Sly Cooper Versus Yoshimitsu

When you love two things as much as fan fiction author slyfan1030 loves the Sly Cooper » 3/19/12 5:00pm 3/19/12 5:00pm and franchise, you can't resist the urge to have them both at once. Like the more "romantic" version of such a conundrum, the solution is often more trouble than it's worth.

Soulcalibur V's Next Costume Offerings Includes a Pac-Man Cameo (Sort…

Pac-Man is having a hell of a career second act in fighting games. Of course, he is one of the free characters in Street Fighter X Tekken on the PlayStation 3. Now it looks like he'll be included—as some kind of bizarre head-thing—in Soulcalibur V's next batch of monthly costume DLC. See for yourself at 1:02 in that… » 3/18/12 6:00pm 3/18/12 6:00pm

Futurama, Street Fighter and Last Airbender Leap onto SoulCalibur V's…

We already knew that SoulCalibur V's character creator is powerful enough to allow you to create all sorts of messes, but this ups the ante one notch more. » 2/16/12 5:30pm 2/16/12 5:30pm

How to Justify Putting a Video of Your Babies on a Major Gaming Website

While it may seem like a video of me singing to my two children as they bounce along to a song Will.I.Am did for Sesame Street a few years back, this is a video about SoulCalibur V. » 2/13/12 5:00pm 2/13/12 5:00pm