Blade & Soul Revolution Launches Worldwide Next Week

Free cat with every summoner.
Free cat with every summoner.
Screenshot: Netmarble

NCSoft’s martial arts epic Blade & Soul is one of my favorite massively-multiplayer online role-playing games in recent memory. Launching March 4 for iOS and Android, Blade & Soul Revolution is the free-to-play mobile adaptation of the PC game. And half of you left. I really should save the free-to-play bit for after the jump.


I played a whole bunch of Blade & Soul when it came out in North America back in early 2016. The Unreal Engine-powered game, though originally launched in Korea in 2012, felt fresh and new. It’s all about stringing together impressive-looking martial arts moves and creating combos with other players. I really loved the game’s dramatic movement system. The mobile version is all of that, just smaller.

Don’t worry they are ancient beings.
Screenshot: Netmarble

The Korean version of Blade & Soul: Revolution launched in late 2018, and won “Best Google Play Game In Korea” in 2019, so it’s probably done something right. Players looking forward to the Western release can pre-register on the official website for some in-game currency and a free pet when the game launches next week.

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