SoulCalibur IV includes the most robust custom character creation tool in series history. The game’s only been out for four days, and already the internet is flooded with twisted player creations, and not all of them have giant fake cocks.

The character creation tool in SoulCalibur VI is ridiculously feature rich. Players can choose between modifying one of the game’s packaged characters, downloading and tweaking other player’s creations or starting from scratch. There are 16 player races to choose from, including a race that’s just humans with rabbit ears.

While I settled for a basic human with rabbit ears (I have a type), other players dove deep into the tool’s options. They adjust height, change skin color and textures and put together elaborate outfits. And should clothes not be enough to make the man, woman and/or monster of their dreams, there’s always custom stickers and shapes.

I was going to give her a heart head, which would have been sweet, but I am a monster.


Why, with just a moment’s tweaking of the game’s heart shape, I gave this poor woman an ass head. Imagine what a more dedicated customizer could do. Or don’t, because I’ve compiled some of my favorites here.

One of the biggest running themes I’ve seen browsing the internet or flipping through the in-game character share feature is twisted versions of stars from different videos games. Take Pikachu here. Take him and run far, far away.

Created by ho-hi, image via Suriel on Twitter


This version of Pikachu is nothing more than a beefy yellow man with a pair of cones sticking out of his head. Which, of course, is exactly what Pikachu always looks like. And look, here’s the perfect competitor for him:

It’s like a Smash Bros. reunion up in here. Let’s keep it going. Here’s a lovely, not at all nightmare-inducing Sonic from Vagabond Melody on Twitter. Using Tira as a base gives our favorite hedgehog one of his signature golden rings to play with. Also, nipples.


What about everyone’s favorite fan-created character, sexy Bowser? Captaintaco2345 on YouTube not only made Bowsette, he created Booette as well, and made them battle each other.

Pretty sexy, right? Well, just wait, there’s more. You haven’t seen sexy until you’ve seen Venom made using Ivy’s animations, courtesy of IvyAyeVee on Twitter. It’s okay to drool. Venom is used to it.


Want to make Venom go away? Schiltrus on Reddit made a very nice Thanos, complete with finger-snapping finisher.


Speaking of Reddit, there is an entire subreddit dedicated to SoulCalibur player creations. It’s called r/SoulCaliburCreations, and it is chock full of amazing work, like the shapely Marge Simpson from LFreeze.

The horrifying Homer, by CatchingZzzzs.


And in case anyone needs a healer, we’ve got a little Mercy, by SlothfulRaptor.

It’s amazing what players can dash together by tweaking skin colors, dress styles and accessories. And when the custom shapes come into play, watch out. Specifically, watch out for dicks. Here’s an example, courtesy of Hjenx on YouTube. Thanks so much, Hjenx.

The effect is created using a variety of shapes. A cylinder for the shaft, a heart for the testicles and, I believe, an apple for the tip. These monstrosities are all over the place, and I’m not sure how Bandai Namco could possibly go about removing them.


So SoulCalibur VI’s custom character collection might have more than a few dicks. It’s also got a ton of amazing creations from talented players around the globe. Share your favorites (or most frightening) in the comments below.