Men In Black Becomes First International BD-Live Title

PlayStation owners around the world were treated to a Blu-ray Disc Profile 2.0 update in firmware 2.20, which enabled the special features of BD-Live titles on the PlayStation 3, but outside of the U.S. that really didn't mean much...until now. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment have found a way to make you buy Men in… » 5/06/08 12:50pm 5/06/08 12:50pm

Sony Gamers Day UK Info Dump: Resistance 2 to SOCOM Confrontation

The press releases from today's London Gamers Day just dropped and boy are they packed. This one goes over some of the way Playstation 3 gamers can go head-to-head or play cooperatively on their console and includes some small details on Resistance 2, SOCOM: Confrontation, Warhawk: Operation Broken Mirror and Haze. » 5/06/08 12:37pm 5/06/08 12:37pm