Gran Turismo Racing Academy Announced

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Details are very sketchy, but SCEE and Nissan just announced the GT Racing Academy, which will give gamers a chance to show if they can drive in real life like they do in Gran Turismo. Every step of the academy will be filmed and later made available on the Playstation Network.

It sounds like it's connected to a contest that will give two luck people a four-month, real-life racing tutorial and then have them participate in the Dubai 24-hour race in January.

The vids will hit starting the PSN on May 23rd.

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with the incredibly poor collision detection in GT5:Prologue, I doubt that many real pros could use it for much. Although the graphics are nice, the game lacks in so many areas (ramming penalties when you get rammed, collision penalties that only apply to you, short-cut penalties when you get pushed slightly off the track, and not even in the direction of the flow, etc.) plus such absurd challenges as starting in 16th place and passing the entire field in one lap at Suzuka, this game screams lack of realism and focus at every turn. In many ways, Forza II is better, and, if GT5 retail is anything like Prologue, it would not have been worth the wait. I am certainly glad that I didn't buy Prologue.