Sony Gamers Day UK Info Dump: Resistance 2 to SOCOM Confrontation

The press releases from today's London Gamers Day just dropped and boy are they packed. This one goes over some of the way Playstation 3 gamers can go head-to-head or play cooperatively on their console and includes some small details on Resistance 2, SOCOM: Confrontation, Warhawk: Operation Broken Mirror and Haze.

As mentioned earlier, Resistance 2 will hit in November with eigh player co-op, 60 player multiplayer and a new story featuring more Chimera enemies.


All we know about SOCOM is that it's coming out later this year and will include headset support and the ability to spectate.

Hit the jump for the bull breakdown on all four games from the official press release.

06/05/2008 17:30

Join the best, challenge the best; be the best

London, 6th May 2008- The world really has never been such a small place thanks to the online capabilities of PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™) with a growing community of gamers testing themselves against the best of the best worldwide. The speed of play, the ease of use and the quality of the game offering that comes with PS3 is unparalleled; it's the ultimate online arena to meet, interact and play with fellow gamers across the world. So if words like teamwork, precision, competition, strategy and ‘never give up' are your mantra, PLAYSTATION®Network, is the place for you.


Resistance™2 (PS3)

Team up with seven other players in eight player co-op mode and also in massive online battles involving up to 60 gamers in multiplayer mode - Insomniac Games' sequel to phenomenal history re-write Resistance: Fall of Man features an unprecedented level of online play. Upping the stakes with new Chimera enemies and vast online battlefields, the action has moved across the Atlantic and will take place in a devastated America. Once again, the Chimera threaten the very future of mankind itself as the terrifying alternative history of Earth's last days continues to unfold, November 2008.


SOCOM™: Confrontation (PS3)

Recruit the best soldiers from across the world to form an elite team and lead your hand-picked squad against other highly-skilled outfits. Released in late 2008 and exclusively online, join specially organised events or take the back seat as a spectator on massive multiplayer campaigns where you'll communicate in-game via headsets. SOCOM: Confrontation demands strategy and teamwork to win the war and see your tooled-up soldier rise through the ranks. Reward your troops not only when they are brave and fearless but when they use intelligence and work as a team.


Warhawk™: Operation Broken Mirror expansion pack on PSN (PS3)

Since the first Warhawk expansion pack (Operation: Omega Dawn, available now) was released, online gamers have been stepping up the attack around the world, battling for domination on the ground and in the air. The next pack, Operation: Broken Mirror, brings the mighty Armoured Personnel Carrier into the fray as troops battle it out in the seven arenas of the new Vaporfield Glacier. Available now, the battle will be decided across seven arenas capable of holding different numbers of players – up to 32 gamers can fight in Tundra Assault, for example, while Olsavik Village is designed for smaller battles with four to eight players.


Haze™ (PS3 – Third-Party Title - Ubisoft)

Play both sides of the same war in Haze – a new, PlayStation-exclusive first-person shooter set in a futuristic world where governments have outsourced military operations to private corporations. You play Shane Carpenter, an idealistic young soldier in the pay of Mantel Global Industries, a military company that feeds its troops the performance-enhancing drug Nectar as part of its hi-tech onslaught against vicious rebel group the Promise Hand. An unforeseen revelation leads you to switch sides halfway through the struggle, eschewing your hi-tech weaponry for the cunning tactics of the Promise Hand. It's a stunning new title for PS3, brought to you by the developers of the TimeSplitters® series.

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