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PlayStation 3 Outsells 360 In Europe

Illustration for article titled PlayStation 3 Outsells 360 In Europe

During his keynote speech at Sony PlayStation Day London '08, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe head David Reeves announced that the PS3 had officially overtaken the Xbox 360 in European sales.

I am delighted to be able announce today that we have sold more PlayStation 3s throughout Europe than Xbox 360 - even though they launched sixteen months before PS3.


More than 5 million PS3 systems have been sold across Europe, with PS2 and PSP numbers equally as impressive at 48 million and 12 million respectively.

These numbers are a testament to the strength of the PlayStation brand throughout our region, the ever-increasing number of titles being launched, the rich content on offer and its appeal to different demographics and cultures.


Different demographics and cultures that will likely viciously savage each other in the comments section following this news.

PS3 has outsold Xbox 360 in Europe [Eurogamer]

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@JorgieX: I'm not convinced the 360 has outsold the PS3 worldwide at this point.

Sony's got 2 out of the 3 major territories. They're absolutely trouncing the 360 in Japan. The 360, meanwhile, is *not* trouncing the PS3 in the one territory it's winning.

I know somebody's gonna point to vgchartz or something, which is a site run by a guy who has admitted on his own forums to pulling numbers out of his ass, but I have yet to see a real compilation of official worldwide totals that are up to date. I doubt such a document even exists in the public domain, since you're talking about collating bits of data from a variety of different services, some of whom don't make that data available for free (and make not releasing it to the public part of their licensing terms).

In the absence of real hard numbers, though, the news lately seems to at least suggest that the 360 either has been overtaken or is about to be overtaken by the PS3 worldwide. How can the 360 stay ahead when it's behind on installed base in 2 of 3 territories, is being trounced in ongoing sales in those territories and is running essentially even in the third territory?

And yes, I do consider this the "real" race this generation, and increasingly so. I remember a few years back, the original Atari Flashback sold more units than the PlayStation 2 one Christmas. Does that mean we should have counted it the "winner" of the console war that year? The Wii is increasingly something other than a current-gen game console.