Skyrim's Easiest Leveling Exploit Involves Brutalizing the First Character You Meet

The thing I always liked about the Morrowind games was trying to figure out ways to "break the game", and while you no longer can jump over and over again to level your character, I did find a funny exploit. You can level up your character (not to mention your one-handed attack) the moment you get your first sword,… »11/17/11 6:20pm11/17/11 6:20pm

Find Out How to Turn Your Dovahkiin’s Face Off in Skyrim

Invisibility's been a power in video games for a long, long time. But one Elder Scrolls V player managed to make his avatar all see-through without benefit of any spell or ability. YouTuber MrTheVestman happened upon a random combination of collectibles that takes his countenance clean away. He's kind enough to walk… »11/14/11 9:00am11/14/11 9:00am