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Skyrim Loses All Textures, Looks Like Team Fortress 2

The hosts of this video, HouseholdGamer, call this series of Skyrim tweaks a "Team Fortress 2" mode. I can see the resemblance, but to me, it looks like like a Killer7 mode.


It looks this weird because there are no textures. None whatsoever. There's just 3D models, the sky and you, which is why everything looks so naked. And surprisingly awesome.

Skyrim Without Textures Looks...Pretty Cool, Actually [GameSetWatch]

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Paradox me

You'll probably call me crazy for thinking it looks better in a number of ways.

If there were an actual mod like this that added contour lines for a bit more detail and then all the important things lost with the removal of textures (like text on signs and so on) then I'd totally play like that.

Basically, if Skyrim gets Wind Waker'd then I'll be all over that.