Find Out How to Turn Your Dovahkiin’s Face Off in Skyrim

Invisibility's been a power in video games for a long, long time. But one Elder Scrolls V player managed to make his avatar all see-through without benefit of any spell or ability. YouTuber MrTheVestman happened upon a random combination of collectibles that takes his countenance clean away. He's kind enough to walk viewers through it if they want to replicate the apparent glitch themselves. Let's see how long this hollow man tomfoolery sticks around before it gets patched out.


[Thanks, tipster Shawner S]

Skyrim - Glitch? Or Hidden Perk... [YouTube]

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Char Aznable

Hmm. Honestly,. I see why people are saying the graphics aren't that great— but to me, with everything set to Ultra, 2x AA 16X AF, the game looks fantastic sometimes. It's the little details they added in that make the biggest change. Aurora borealis, fog, smoke from fires lifting high over towns and following the direction of the wind, the burbling streams, the wind whistling through the fields... It's far, far superior to Oblivion. The new lighting engine is nearly current-gen, as well. I hestitate to say it's perfect because of the weird shadow glitches sometimes, but otherwise I couldn't be happier with how it looks aside from the obvious texture problem.

But hey, mods. This is a huge release so when the SDK comes out (hey, maybe even before) we're gonna see some beast mods for this game. I'm really excited. I didn't like Oblivion all that much (preferred the Fallout games), but this, this game has made me SO happy.