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What Do You Hoard In Skyrim?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It's time to be honest about this: we may wax poetic about how we play Elder Scrolls games for the epic quest, the giant map, and the sweeping vistas. But a lot of folks only play the game for the sweet, sweet hoarding. In a world as huge and detailed as that of Skyrim, there are so many things to do, so many quests to undertake… and so many items to pick up and pack away into storage.

The amazing image above, posted on Reddit, shows the work of a player who has taken in-game hoarding to a new high. (Or is it new low? I don't even know anymore.) There are so many baskets! I wonder if each basket has been placed on the head of an NPC.


I only just got around to purchasing some land in Whiterun, and already I've begun to fill the space up with extra junk I've found in my travels. What do I use it to store? Actually, I use it to store the ridiculously burdonsome dragon parts I keep picking up after battles. Each set of dragon bones has 15 weight? The hell? With that kind of weight, I'm surprised I'm not carrying around the entire skeleton. I suppose I also hoard "miscellaneous quests," because: damn. Joel tells me that he hoards books, which I like, as a concept—certainly sounds more fun than reading them, am I right?

Which makes me wonder: What do you hoard in Skyrim? Anyone got a collection that rivals this one?


I'm a bit of a hoarder. [Reddit]

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