Skyrim's Easiest Leveling Exploit Involves Brutalizing the First Character You Meet

The thing I always liked about the Morrowind games was trying to figure out ways to "break the game", and while you no longer can jump over and over again to level your character, I did find a funny exploit. You can level up your character (not to mention your one-handed attack) the moment you get your first sword, simply by attacking your guide over and over again.


The video above explains all.

Thanks to Chris Stevens for calling me at 3 A.M. with the hot tip.

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"the Morrowind games" Huh?

The series is called The Elder Scrolls. Morrowind was the subtitle and setting of The Elder Scrolls III. Morrowind is one of many provinces (Along with Skyrim) in the larger world of Tamriel.