Want To Read All the Skyrim Books? Like, Right Now?

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim doesn't only boast a vast in-game world. It also has a vast array of in-game books. They might be only a couple pages each, but the total amount of text for you to peruse in Skyrim is mind-boggling.

Website Capane loves reading the books in Skyrim, going as far as to not only break into other people's houses in Skyrim just to pull them off the shelf and read them, but going as putting them in indexed .epub/MOBI files so you can read them right now in either Kindle or Nook:

Kindle (MOBI)
Nook and all others (EPUB)

There's a table of contents, a cover and it's all well formatted. But as Kotaku's own Kirk Hamilton pointed out: reading them in real life will not give you stat bonuses.


Dovahkiin Gutenberg [Capane]

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