Video Games That Are Awkward To Play In Public

For most portable video games, you're not being particularly brave when you play them out in meatspace. The button-pressing and D-pad-pushing is fairly surreptitious in the vast majority of on-the-go titles; you can play without making too much of a spectacle of yourself. But other games make you look like an idiot… » 1/29/14 5:00pm 1/29/14 5:00pm

The Best Gifts You Got For The Holidays This Year

Every year there are bound to be some Christmas-spirit-raising gifts and a few well-intentioned duds. So we'd like to know...what'd you get? Best and worst gifts? Did you send someone one of our gift guides as a helpful nudge? Or maybe you bought someone something so perfect you just have to share? Here's your venue… » 12/25/13 1:00pm 12/25/13 1:00pm

One Of The Few Mega Evolved Pokemon I Would Care About. And You?

To be clear, this isn't a Mega evolved version of Bidoof, although it should be. It's just a meme that was created by That Splicing Adventure; Bidoof mashed with every (other?) legendary in the Pokemon games. Glorious, yes, but probably not something Game Freak would ever make a reality. Unfortunately! » 8/09/13 8:00pm 8/09/13 8:00pm

There's So Much Room For Activities In Grand Theft Auto V's Open World

Yesterday's gameplay trailer for Grand Theft Auto V revealed a lot about the game, including the map and all the activities we can do in addition to the main story. Since the whole map is open from the beginning, unlike the previous games, there will be a lot to tempt us away from the main game (even if we don't know… » 7/10/13 5:00pm 7/10/13 5:00pm