​What Game Have You Felt The Most Conflicted About?

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Our attitudes towards games are very rarely cut and dry. Even in a wonderful, perfectly engineered game, you can still have lingering doubts. Likewise, you can fall in love with a game that is broken, yet does something very special.


Conflict happens, and that's okay.

I've felt it when playing Grand Theft Auto V, a meticulously designed, gorgeous ecosystem full of characters that just rub me the wrong way. I would be driving through Los Santos and see a sky that would take my breath away over a sprawling, complicated city only to think to myself, "My god, I really wish I felt some kind of connection to these people."


I felt it when playing Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, a game that despite being the most absurd, stupid Metal Gear game of all, ended up being one of my favorites, particularly with it's campy, confusing, outsider-art ending.

I felt it while playing Remember Me, a game whose visual design and plot was so on point, so inspired by art that I love, and yet was hampered by major, crippling design flaws.


These aren't criticisms. They're personal feelings — loose, dangling emotions we all have, every time we play a game. We have them all the time, and it's time to share yours.

What game have you ever felt the most conflicted about? Leave your personal stories in the comments.

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I really wish Remember Me got more attention...it's a great game. The combat gets pretty repetitive after awhile but everything else about it really stands out and above. The location is great, the art style and design really bring Neo-Paris to life and the story ends up turning into something great.

It's a shame because Capcom took a risk on a new IP, one starring a female lead at that, and it sold like shit. Another notch in "people don't like to play as women!" belt for suits to use an example to not back them for funding. Much like Sleeping Dogs, it's a game that was overlooked and I doubt we'll see a sequel even though it broke out of the norm in many aspects.