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​What Game Have You Felt The Most Conflicted About?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Our attitudes towards games are very rarely cut and dry. Even in a wonderful, perfectly engineered game, you can still have lingering doubts. Likewise, you can fall in love with a game that is broken, yet does something very special.

Conflict happens, and that's okay.

I've felt it when playing Grand Theft Auto V, a meticulously designed, gorgeous ecosystem full of characters that just rub me the wrong way. I would be driving through Los Santos and see a sky that would take my breath away over a sprawling, complicated city only to think to myself, "My god, I really wish I felt some kind of connection to these people."


I felt it when playing Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, a game that despite being the most absurd, stupid Metal Gear game of all, ended up being one of my favorites, particularly with it's campy, confusing, outsider-art ending.


I felt it while playing Remember Me, a game whose visual design and plot was so on point, so inspired by art that I love, and yet was hampered by major, crippling design flaws.


These aren't criticisms. They're personal feelings — loose, dangling emotions we all have, every time we play a game. We have them all the time, and it's time to share yours.

What game have you ever felt the most conflicted about? Leave your personal stories in the comments.