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Over the last couple of weeks, lots of people have added one or even two new gaming consoles to the space under their TVs. As a result, some reorganization has been required. Where the hell are we supposed to fit all these black boxes?


Today seemed like a good day to ask you all to show us your home entertainment center (read: TV), and how you've arranged the junk below. Of course, you don't need to own a new PS4 or Xbox One to participate - we'd love to see what your setup looks like even if you're just rockin' a Dreamcast and an original NES. (And if you are, props.)

So! In the comments below, please share a photo of your home gaming setup, along with an explanation for any unusual elements it may include. If you've got any tips for how to fit extra junk, by all means let us know. And to the person who will inevitably post a photo of a PC on a desk: Well played.

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Vaughn Whiskey

I always told myself as a kid "I will poop and play games at the same time" now that I am a single 26 year old male living by myself... I MADE IT HAPPEN! Shoot for your dreams kids.