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The Best Gifts You Got For The Holidays This Year

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Every year there are bound to be some Christmas-spirit-raising gifts and a few well-intentioned duds. So we'd like to know...what'd you get? Best and worst gifts? Did you send someone one of our gift guides as a helpful nudge? Or maybe you bought someone something so perfect you just have to share? Here's your venue for that.


As of this writing, all our gifts are currently waiting packaged under the tree we chopped down, guarded by two sleepy puppies. So I couldn't tell you what I got just yet.

Chime in with your own holiday stories.

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Phantom Banger

I got some pyjamas, some slippers and a shower gel/deodorant set.
The only thing I asked for was slippers as my old ones were falling apart. to the point that I was almost slipping (lawlz) in them all the time.
We're not a well off household and I have a little sister, so I'm fine with what little we have mostly going to her so she can grow up with some good Christmas memories.
Which is also why I made my mum and sister take someone up on their invitation to go spend Christmas at their house. Being anti-social (unless I know/like the people) I stayed at home. It's not so much that it bothered me, but eating Christmas dinner alone felt weird xD
Just felt like sharing.