Toy And Collectibles 2013 Holiday Buyer's Guide

The joy of tearing away wrapping paper to reveal a new toy during the holidays never gets old, even if we do. Here are some helpful suggestions for spreading colorful plastic joy to the toy collector in your life this holiday season. » 11/28/13 2:00pm 11/28/13 2:00pm

Xbox One 2013 Holiday Buyer's Guide

The Xbox One is out and maybe someone you know picked it up. Or maybe you're considering picking one up for someone this holiday season. Here's some advice before you crack open your wallet. » 11/28/13 12:00pm 11/28/13 12:00pm

Anime 2013 Holiday Buyer’s Guide

Have you got an anime fan in your life and have no idea what to get him or her for Christmas? Don’t worry. From series on Blu-ray and streaming subscriptions to figures and jewelry, there is plenty out there awaiting your selection—so much so that a few tips might be in order. » 11/28/13 7:00am 11/28/13 7:00am

Vita 2013 Holiday Buyer's Guide

Sony's handheld device might not be brimming with support and popularity, but it's definitely a solid piece of hardware. Here are some buyer's tips when it comes to the Vita. » 11/27/13 1:00pm 11/27/13 1:00pm

PS4 2013 Holiday Buyer's Guide

Sony's newest console just recently launched, right in time for the holiday season. Here are some dos and don'ts when it comes to holiday shopping and the PS4. » 11/27/13 11:00am 11/27/13 11:00am

3DS 2013 Holiday Buyer's Guide

Nintendo's handheld is a fantastic gaming device. So if you're thinking of buying someone more games for their 3DS, or a 3DS itself, here's a little advice. » 11/26/13 12:00pm 11/26/13 12:00pm

Wii U 2013 Holiday Buyer's Guide

It's that time of year again, folks. The time where everyone scrambles to buy their loved ones a gift in time for the holiday season. Well, don't be that procrastinator. We're here to help. (At least in the games department.) » 11/26/13 9:00am 11/26/13 9:00am

Your Official Holiday Gift Guide, For All Your Shopping Needs

Another year, another round of holiday gift shopping. But what should you buy all those special people in your life? What should you be looking for on this hectic Black Friday? » 11/23/12 8:00am 11/23/12 8:00am

Holiday Gift Guide: What Do You Get The Vita Gamer?

Here we have yet another handheld gamer, and the Vita gamer needs holiday love, too. Perhaps more so than any other gamer, since the pickings are still somewhat (at least relatively) slim. » 11/22/12 8:00pm 11/22/12 8:00pm

Holiday Gift Guide: What Gift Can You Get For $26-$100?

The holiday gift guides continue! What gift ideas do you have that range from $26-$100? As opposed to the more cost effective suggestions we shared yesterday, these might be for a closer friend. » 11/21/12 12:30pm 11/21/12 12:30pm

Holiday Gift Guide: What Do You Get The PlayStation Gamer?

Does your gaming friend or relative have a PlayStation 3? Maybe you want to buy them one. But even if they already do own Sony's home console, your friend, relative or puppy (don't judge) might need some new games. » 11/21/12 9:30am 11/21/12 9:30am

Holiday Gift Guide: What Do You Get The Gamer That Has Everything?

You know the friend. The one that has bought and seemingly played every game before you can even launch Steam to purchase that new title. You know the one. That exciting new one. » 11/20/12 8:00pm 11/20/12 8:00pm

Holiday Gift Guide: What Do You Buy The Xbox Gamer?

We've shared some PC gift suggestions—from keyboards to games—and gifts that will cost you under $25. But today we want to suggest games and accessories to match an Xbox 360. » 11/20/12 6:00pm 11/20/12 6:00pm

The Best Comics To Give This Holiday Season

<img Ok, yes: there are some people in your life who don't share your love for panels and word balloons. Yet you want them to feel the joy of getting you just the right gift. What to do? Breathe easy, friends, we here at Kotaku » 11/20/12 3:30pm 11/20/12 3:30pm are giving you a place to drop you a big ol' hint—complete with helpful illustration—so…

Holiday Gift Guide: What Do You Get The Person Who Doesn't Game?

Just cause someone doesn't play games as regularly as you do doesn't mean they wouldn't be up for a friendly introduction. So what do you get that one friend, cousin, sibling, aunt? » 11/20/12 12:00pm 11/20/12 12:00pm