Holiday Gift Guide: What Do You Get The Vita Gamer?

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Here we have yet another handheld gamer, and the Vita gamer needs holiday love, too. Perhaps more so than any other gamer, since the pickings are still somewhat (at least relatively) slim.


What suggestions do you have for the Vita gamer? Watch out for our editors' picks down below, but feel free to add yours, too.


Stephen Totilo

The tempting snarky answer is: 3DS.

The real answer is PlayStation Plus. Get them a subscription to this and they will get free copies of Gravity Rush, the Vita's so-so Uncharted game, Jet Set Radio, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Wipeout. That's a hell of a good deal. Plus members get new free games each month as they rotate the freebie list month by month (you don't lose the ones that rotate out if you downloaded them already, but do lose them if you let your subscription expire).

The new Vita part of Plus is explained here:

It's $50 a year and gets the person at least 12 free PS3 games as well. Overall Plus details:

The tidiest way to gift this is to get the recipient a PlayStation Plus one-year subscription card. Amazon has them: (Other retailers probably do, too).