Electronic gadgets are cool. Knotted, tangled cables are not. Yet rarely will you find the one without t'other.

Maybe you've done a good job of hiding your cable mess. But it's still there, slumbering in the dark, flexing slowly of its own volition, using the long weeks and months to turn in on itself until one day, maybe in the midst of a long-overdue redecoration, you uproot a great seething mass of wires, and the black dust chokes your attempts to scream…


Or, you know, maybe you're one of those people who uses a cable organizer or something.

Anyway, sharing is one of the first steps in acknowledging that you've got a problem, so: We've had you show us your game console setup; now it's time to see the ugliness behind all those cool black boxes.

In the comments below, show us your gaming cable horror show. It'll be okay. Together, we can get through this.

Image via Shutterstock

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