The first act of Dragon Age: Inquisition doesn't really take place on a snowy mountain; it takes place in the game's character creator.

Anyone who's spent any amount of time playing role-playing video games knows how important it is to create a really cool-looking character. Hopefully you read my tips article and took your time with the character creator (and also turned down "lip shine"). I hope you each now have a hero that you really love.


Up top is my primary character, Sabetha Trevalyan. She's a mage, Knight Enchanter subclass, and I played her as a pretty traditional goody two-shoes. She's agnostic, and doesn't really buy the story of The Maker, and she's got a soft spot for dreamy ex-templar commanders. A bit boring, I guess, but I really like her.

Are you an elven mage? Or maybe a dwarven swordfighter? Perhaps an Qunari dagger-wielder, or a Human reaver? Grab a screenshot of your hero and show us in the comments below, along with your character's name, class, and how you're role-playing them.

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