I Just Figured Out What’s Bothering Me About Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Everything that I know so far about Splinter Cell: Blacklist tells me that I should like it: it’s a beautiful, globe-trotting third-person adventure that gives you a ton of freedom to play the way you want. But, each moment I’ve laid eyes on it, I’ve been bothered by this nagging feeling in the back of my head. »7/23/13 4:00pm7/23/13 4:00pm


Splinter Cell: Blacklist Ushers in a Faster, Bossier Sam Fisher

Sam Fisher's always been like what Liam Neeson is now. He's the exemplar of the old-dude badass in the video game pantheon. Even in the first few Splinter Cell games, you'd hear Michael Ironside's distinct growl in Ubisoft's stealth action series and think, "This guy's been around the block a few times…" If Sam was… »6/12/12 11:00am6/12/12 11:00am