Michael Ironside (And His Ego) No Longer Sam Fisher?

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A still unconfirmed rumor has it that actor Michael Ironside will not be returning as Sam Fisher in Splinter Cell: Conviction. Game site Sarcastic Gamer says that the actor was "quietly axed" from the franchise and will be replaced for Conviction. According to the Sarcastic Gamer insider:

He was getting to way too egotistical about the project and extremely difficult to work with...He was also asking for a shit load of money... He pretty much tied his own noose.


Granted, this is still unconfirmed and Ubisoft apparently hasn't offered an official comment on this rumor. US? We're on the fence: Ironside is the voice of one of Ubisoft's biggest franchises, which is why it's hard to believe they'd let him get away. (That would be a total buzz kill for Conviction!) Then again, because he is so important, maybe he's become "difficult." Watch out, though, Ubisoft. Piss off Ironside and he'll totally scan you. KA-BOOM!

Ironside's Ego Demands [Sarcastic Gamer Thanks, Drew!]


No, but after 4 games with him being the main voice actor of a character that Splinter Cell fans have grown quite attached to, suddenly changing that voice can easily put off many fans. I already don't have high hopes for this one, as Double Agent was pure shit. Losing Ironside would be the final straw for me, personally.