Atlus Keeps Hitting Tiny YouTube Channels With Copyright Strikes, Then Reversing Them

A player by the name of Linsneakers runs a YouTube channel with a humble 23 subscribers. A few days ago, they announced the channel was going on hiatus because of a copyright strike for a Persona 4: Dancing All Night video. They aren’t alone. In the past week, Persona publisher Atlus has been on a YouTube tear. »10/26/15 4:00pm10/26/15 4:00pm


Social Links are the Best Part of Persona 3

Persona 3 is one of the best JRPGs ever developed. The story was moving, the gameplay made turn-based combat relevant again, the music was a catchy fusion of jazz and vocals, and the social interactions, epitomized in the community links, exemplified its fresh take on the genre. That sense of community is what I feel… »7/27/15 6:00am7/27/15 6:00am