Archie Comics’ New Version of Veronica Is Like, Totally, A Better Type of Kardashian

Archie Andrews is really different now. So is Betty Cooper, the girl-next-door who’s not his girlfriend anymore. But we haven’t seen much of the third part of the classic comic-book love triangle in Archie Comics’ newly-rebooted flagship until today. I dunno, guys... Veronica might be kinda cool? »9/28/15 12:06pm

Marvel's Newest Nick Fury Comic Has a Time-Traveling Super-Racist and a Very Special Guest Star

There are two Nick Furys in the current version of the Marvel Universe: a younger black guy and the original white super-spy who’s his dad. This week, they meet in a time-travel story that shows how the racial tension in America today isn’t all that different from the how it was in the bad old days. »9/24/15 3:00pm