Ta-Nehisi Coates Explains How He's Turning Black Panther Into a Superhero Again

The King of Wakanda doesn’t necessarily seem like a superhero in need of restorative treatment. In the Marvel Universe, he’s the ruler of the most advanced nation on Earth, along with being a multi-disciplinary genius. But, in the newest Black Panther comics, both T’Challa and the nation he reigns over have internal…


Batman Gets Hit With Another Devastating Tragedy in Today’s Detective Comics

For the last few months, Detective Comics has been living up to its name, sprinkling clues to pull readers along an intensifying mystery that’s going to require the entire Bat-team to solve. Things come to a head in this week’s issue, in a shocking conclusion that shakes up Gotham City’s crime-fighting contingent.

Marvel’s Luke Cage Is the Unapologetically Black Superhero Show I’ve Been Waiting For

After watching the first seven episodes of the Luke Cage Netflix series, I can confidently say that its lead character doesn’t always feel like the Power Man who’s shown up in decades of Marvel comics. But, as this spoiler-free review will show, I like him anyway. This Luke Cage is still an everyman superhero that…

Ask Kieron Gillen Why Now Is the Right Time for a Comic About Super-Nazis Invading America

Uber is a comic-book where enhanced metahumans have made World War II bloodier and more vicious than it already was. The ubermenschen in the series have hollowed out gore-filled craters through Europe and the Soviet Union, leaving Paris and London smoking ruins. Now they’re coming for the United States. No wonder Alan…