With the November 2 release of Thor Ragnarok, the most exciting Thor film since 1988's The Incredible Hulk Returns TV movie, the folks at Build-A-Bear gird their cuddly line-up for battle with an online exclusive team of Marvel’s mightiest god and monster.

Available today on the Build-A-Bear website, which features all the stuffed animal goodness without the person working the stuffing station silently judging (maybe that’s just me), these $40 stuffed superheroes raise several questions.

For example, with a helmet that looks like it’s sewn into the plushie itself, how hard is it to add a blonde wig to the Thor bear? What do we use for wode?

Build-A-Bear says “The mighty Thor controls thunder and lightning with his enchanted hammer. Thor Bear has soft brown fur that features his built-in costume, in addition to his hammer Mjolnir on his left paw. Save the day with this heroic furry friend!” Which means make them fight each other, but a softer, fuzzier sort of fighting.


As for Hulk bear, why is he green with a tan face and tan ears? Shouldn’t he be all green? But wait, his hair is black, should his fur not be black as well? Is he wearing a wig? Could it be long and blonde, just to make sorely shorn Thor mourn?

Build-A-Bear says: “Hulk Smash! This muscular furry friend features a built-in Hulk costume with a super cool Hulk graphic on its left paw pad. Add sounds and accessories to your Hulk Bear to make the perfect unique gift!”


I suppose a Hela, bear goddess of death, isn’t happening? Probably not. I suppose these two should be enough. And with them both available on Build-A-Bear’s website today, that leaves me plenty of time to procure them, bring them on opening night and loudly reenact movie scenes in the front row.