McFarlane Toys Is Remastering The Original Spawn Action Figure

Yesterday I wrote about my favorite new Spawn action figure. Shortly after that post went live, McFarlane Toys launched a Kickstarter for a remastered version of the original Spawn action figure from 1995, with double the articulation and a remastered version of the pack-in comic book. In comparison, the figure I wrote about yesterday is garbage now.


Created by the newly founded McFarlane Toys in 1995, three years after the debut of the hit comic book, the original Spawn action figure launched a new age of highly detailed, adult-aimed collectible toys. It was amazing to walk into a KB Toys 25 years ago and see McFarlane’s edgy, hellish creations hanging on the pegs alongside cartoony kid fare.

The original figure is still pretty cool.
Photo: McFarlane Toys

The new version is basically that same thing, only with 25 years of action figure design and development applied. It’s a bit taller than the original at seven inches. Instead of a plastic shell, it comes in a fancy slipcase. The cape is complex and foldable, with sharp angles and shading, which McFarlane Toys has gotten much better at over the decades. Todd McFarlane himself is doing a new cover for the pack-in comic. You can tell it’s a new version of the original because it lacks the random massive right boot of modern Spawn toys.

Nice package, Spawn.
Photo: McFarlane Toys

The Kickstarter for this gorgeous new Al Simmons doll went live yesterday, asking for $100,000. It’s nearing $800,000 today, so people are definitely still keen on Spawn action figures. A $40 pledge secures the basic figure, with pricier tiers featuring a three-pack of figures with additional heads and an option for a McFarlane autograph.

So much Spawn.
Graphic: McFarlane Toys

It’s definitely the fanciest Spawn figure I’ve ever seen. Spawn Remastered should be in fans’ hands come November 2020.

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Photo: McFarlane Toys

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Do you think it will crumble to dust or warp under its own weight like all the other McFarlane toys of the era? I’ve got some serious nostalgia for the “will this figure make it out of its own packaging intact” lottery.