The Visual Evolution of Spawn

Todd McFarlane's demonic anti-hero comic Spawn is reaching its anniversary #250 issue this month and Image is not only celebrating it with a triple-sized release, but with some cool small things like this illustrated chart, that shows all of Spawn's costumes.

With Spawn issue #250 coming up at the end of the month.... I thought it would be COOL to put together all the different costumes Spawn has had over the years.

And if you're doing the math, that's 24 YEARS. TWENTY-FOUR!!!!!!!! It's cool to look back and see how things have changed since's hard to believe we're already coming up on our #250th issue.

Thanks for all your support over the years!!! I'll be doing a giveaway with these, soon.


Here's the full chart with all the costumes (hell yeah Commando Spawn) and here it is in higher res, also shared by Todd McFarlane, if you'd like to print it out.


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