Norway Mass Murderer Demands Better Video Games in Prison

» 2/14/14 12:00pm 2/14/14 12:00pm

Anders Behring Brevik killed 77 people in Norway in 2011. Since he said that he used Call of Duty to practice his aiming and World of Warcraft to hide his plans, video games have been became part of the story of his horrific crime. Now, 18 months into a 21-year prison sentence, he's demanding that his PS2 be upgraded… » 2/14/14 12:00pm 2/14/14 12:00pm

Norway Killer's Court Testimony Reveals How He Used Call of Duty to…

It's already a matter of record that Anders Behring Breivik wrote about using Call of Duty to hone his marksmanship before he shot 69 people to death last year. But yesterday he testified in a Norwegian court about the roles that the first-person-shooter series and World of Warcraft played in his life leading up to… » 4/19/12 9:00am 4/19/12 9:00am

Norwegian Shooter's Court Case Shows Off His World of Warcraft Character

The trial of Anders Behring Breivik's is currently underway, and already there has been talk of video games and their influence on Brehvik's behaviour, which is troubling to say the least. Almost as troubling as this picture of his World of Warcraft character - how he managed to play with that user interface I'll never … » 4/16/12 10:30pm 4/16/12 10:30pm

The Norway Killer Who Used Call of Duty to Train Won’t Be Able to Use…

Anders Behring Breivik—the man who confessed to killing 77 people last year in the worst mass murder Norway has ever seen—has been found to be legally sane by court-appointed psychiatrists, according to the Associated Press. » 4/10/12 9:00am 4/10/12 9:00am

Norway Mass Killer May Be Declared Legally Insane

Confessed mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik was legally insane when he killed nearly 80 people, many children, during a bombing and shooting rampage in Norway in July, according to a psychiatric evaluation ordered by the court, the Associated Press reports. » 11/29/11 10:00am 11/29/11 10:00am

Norwegian Retailers Pull Warcraft, Call of Duty Titles in Light of…

One week after 77 died in two attacks carried out by a militant extremist in Norway, two retailers have temporarily pulled copies of World of Warcraft and several Call of Duty games from shelves, citing their ties to the accused killer's manifesto. » 7/29/11 8:30pm 7/29/11 8:30pm

Online Gaming Friends of Oslo Suspect Say He Couldn't "Harm a Fly"

The 32-year-old man suspected of detonating a bomb in Norway's capital and going on a shooting spree in police garb, killing at least 87, was many things: He was a self-identified conservative Christian, farmer, body builder, hunter, freemason and gamer. » 7/23/11 11:48am 7/23/11 11:48am

Nordic Fashionistas Get Their LBP On

Moods of Norway, a fashion design firm, is out to save the world from a fashion crisis. At least, that's the point of the LittleBigPlanet level it designed in collaboration with a Norwegian PlayStation distributor. The level's published and ready for you to play and, I assume, won't be taken down because it references … » 11/09/08 5:00pm 11/09/08 5:00pm