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What's a good encore after winning two gold medals at the Vancouver Olympic Winter Games? For one of the world's most accomplished cross-country skiers, it's playing alongside his world champion counterpart in Counter Strike at Norway's largest LAN party.

Petter Northug (pictured, left; you can see his translated gaming profile here) will be taking on all comers in 2-on-2 Counter Strike matches at "The Gathering," to be held over Easter. While Petter's golds weren't in biathlon (that's skiing with the pew-pew-pew) he does look to be a serious shooter enthusiast. Further, his partner for this promotion will be Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg (pictured, right) of the clan Fnatic; Lindberg is a world champion in his e-sport.


Northug was last at The Gathering in 2007 playing with Team Amentio, a clan named for one of his sponsors.

Olympic Skiing Champion Takes on Counter Strike?! [FragYou via CatchGamer, thanks Miguel O.]

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