When Norwegian Ads Look Just Like PSP Games

These two clips are commercials for Dent Oi, a brand of Norwegian mints. Mint fans will love the house-crushing taste on display, but it may be of even more interest to fans of PSP strategy series Patapon.


While the Patapon - the creation of French artist Rolito - are older than the games based on them (Rolito designed them as far back as 2002), Sony's PSP series is how most will have been introduced to them. And probably how the animation studio tasked with putting this commercial together got the idea.

It probably cuts a little too close to the original for us to endorse it - inspiration is fine, straight-up copying less so - but we're posting them here anyway, because seeing them in motion like this has us all keen for a Patapon movie. Or, at least, a Patapon TV series.


Provided no Jonas brothers were involved, that is.

[thanks Stein-Inge!]

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It would appear that copyright law has been Shatapon.