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This reads like a fairy tale, but it's all true. A 6-year-old Norwegian boy wanted to change his name to "Sonic X," and in his land, such things must be approved by the king.

Wise King Harald of Norway politely declined the request of young Christer on the grounds that, being only six, he was too young to make such a decision. So Christer must wait until he's 18 to reapply.


The kid wrote the letter and asked his folks to mail it, and mum and dad were all >_> and <_< about it it, until he piped up one day and asked if it had been sent. Reluctantly, they dropped it in the mail, figuring the king wouldn't bother with it. Happily for all, he did.

Gamezine reports that Sega contacted the news site that reported this (Dagbladget, which in addition to sounding like a Yosemite Sam swear word, gave us some Mafia II footage last week.) Sonic's people are said to be preparing a care package of swag to soothe any disappointment.

This reminds me of the time I was 5 years old and adored "CHiPs" so much I asked Mom to take me to the courthouse so I could change my name to Frank Poncherello Good. She told me that the county seat was very far away and we'd go "next week." You know, I'm still waiting for that ride, Mom.


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