Norwegian Retailer Has a Fantasy Wii U Launch Lineup

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Norwegian retailer CDON has, as it should, a page up ready for people order Wii U games. It's also got something most other retailers don't: listings for games many Nintendo fans can only dream of.


Among the known and incoming games like Tank!Tank!Tank! and New Super Mario Bros. U, there are listings for games that are not only unannounced, but are surely the work of naught but daydreams and broken wishbones.

Like Fire Emblem Wii U. Doom 4, a game that is yet to be officially shown off in any capacity. A Wii U version of Endless Ocean. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Wii U. Kingdom Hearts Wii U. Nintendogs Wii U. There's even a listing for a game that would be perfect for the system, a Wii U edition of surgery simulator Trauma Center.


Sure, there's a remote chance that some of these are real, if only through the power of coincidence, but for most, come on.

Before you laugh, don't! This kind of thing is great. Shows somebody at head office is either conveniently incompetent or, as seems more likely, is quietly, and on the company dollar, dreaming out loud.

Though the lack of Wind Waker HD shows they're not dreaming hard enough.

Kommende Wii U [CDON, thanks Tobias!]

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Luke Plunkett

I remember back when I worked at EB Games, there was a listing for Halo on the PS2. I think that's still my all-time favourite of these.