Kim Jong Un Visits Submarine Base, Maybe Eyeing Sub-Based Nuke Ability

The ‘Young Master’ visited a North Korean Navy submarine base this week to ‘provide guidance’ over military drills. There he inspected a buffet, a WWII tactical table full of toy-like boats, some bunk beds, political education hall and a portion of the Korean People’s Navy archaic fleet of Romeo Class submarines »12/15/14 7:30am12/15/14 7:30am

The Hermit Kingdom: An Inside View Of North Korea's Hidden Car Culture


When I found myself in one of the most isolated and mysterious countries on the planet naturally the first thing I noticed was the profound assortment of vehicles in the airport parking lot. Behind the wall of mines and propaganda in North Korea are still people, and many people still like cars. »7/10/14 6:30am7/10/14 6:30am