Can Anyone Find These North Korean Kids Smaller Guitars?

Never mind that these children don't actually seem like children. That they come off as somewhat too perfect and too poised. Sure, they play too well. But, what the hell's up with the jumbo guitars?


It's like they are playing cellos. Cellos that sound and look like guitars. Surely, they have child-sized guitars in North Korea!

This clip appeared on South Korean site Daum TV late last week. It is unforgettable.

북한어린이 기타연주 2 [Daum TV via Nemopan]

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In an oppressive regime there is very little in the way of the luxury of choice. I doubt any child chose to play a guitar like this. Here we are watching the fruit of years work towards the automation of a society. Watch the way they move like automatons, mimicking the act of playing the guitar happily for honors sake.