The outside world doesn't know a whole lot about what is really going on in North Korea—how the people actually live and what they do. One thing we can prove, however, is that at least one North Korean citizen has played the Nintendo Wii.

In the above photo, a North Korean woman plays Ping Pong on Wii Sports Resort. There is also a Wii Balance Board in front of the television.

The image was published by the country's official news source and taken at a newly opened hospital called the Munsu Recovery Center opened in Pyongyang. It's a rather fancy hospital, filled with various exercise equipment for physical therapy as you can see in these photos:


Let's recap a brief history of North Korea and video games: Back in 2008, we saw a look inside a North Korean arcade. It was rather depressing. But at least they had a sit-down Monaco GP cabinet.


Then last year, we took a look inside a new arcade in North Korea.


No, these photos are not posed. They are not propaganda. They look completely natural.

The Wii has been used in physical therapy in the U.S. However, the console has not officially been released in North Korea, nor has the current Nintendo console, the Wii U.


주체103(2014)년 1월 21일 화요일 [로동신문 via ゴールドラッシュ]

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