Not lots of people, mind you. Three, as far as I can tell. But there's still time before Halloween.

According to Redditor joowee, "I did not want to go the typical route of dressing up as a sexy character for Halloween this year." So Jowee, instead, dressed as the sexiest man alive.


Joowee wore the get-up at a costume at work. "I took first place. Of course, I had to win anyway. Bwuahahaha..."

Here's Joowee out of costume. "Sorry if I offend anyone," she wrote. "I don't mean to and this was purely for enjoyment."


To pull off the look, she said she used, "minimal makeup, lots of hairspray, two sports bras, and commitment."

The make-up, for example, was a matte light nude eyeshadow to highlight her chin and "double chin." Wearing a tight collar, she pushed her neck back and titled her chin down, creating a double chin so she could resemble the North Korean dictator. More make-up gave her bags under her eyes like Kim—ditto for the peach fuzz.

Courtesy of Instiz, here's another one that appeared in Hong Kong, apparently over the weekend:


Check out that haircut!

And another with his buddy Maverick:


If Kim Jong-un is looking for a costume, there's always this:

So I was Kim Jong Un for Halloween [Imgur via Reddit via Neatorama]

홍콩 할로윈 수준 [Instiz]

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