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North Korea's Central Zoo Now Has Dogs. Yes, Dogs.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Bronx Zoo has Siberian tigers. The San Diego Zoo has pandas. The Central Zoo in Pyongyang now has Yorkshire terriers.

That's according to the Korean Central News Agency, North Korea's state news agency. The following story appeared on KCNA's site this week:


And above are photos of said Yorkshire terriers. I guess they are learning "feats" (read: dog tricks) for a show? That wouldn't be unheard of.

The breed is very popular in South Korea as well as throughout Asia, so no idea why KNCA needs to explain what Yorkshire terriers are, though, like we've never seen or heard of them.


Maybe folks in Pyongyang haven't...

New Pet Dogs of Central Zoo [KCNA Thanks, Jen!]

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