It's hard to imagine the rotund dictator and supreme leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea was ever a cute innocent child, especially after what he did to his uncle last year. But lo-and-behold, North Korean central news agency KCNA recently released a series of photos of the young leader for all to see.

Spotted on That's Online, via China Radio International, state television in North Korea showed off photos of Kim as a child in part to celebrate North Korean pilots.

How do the photos tie into pilots? They feature young Kim sitting in a cockpit! Well, at least that's what KCNA says. In the last photo, it almost doesn't even look like Kim. Then again, all we can see is the back of his head.


Who would've thunk it that the fat little child would grow up to become the fat little man that he is today?

Here Are Some Childhood Photos Of Kim Jong-Un [CRI via That's Online]

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