Final Fantasy XI Gets Smartphone Version and New Spin-Off [Updated]

With the amount of money smartphone games make, this shouldn't be that surprising. But Square Enix is bringing a version of Final Fantasy XI to smartphones. It's called Final Fantasy XI Mobile. There's also a new FFXI spin-off title called Final Fantasy Grandmasters. » 3/19/15 4:30am 3/19/15 4:30am

This Might Be The Ghost in the Shell FPS You've Been Waiting For

South Korea's Nexon just released a trailer for its upcoming Ghost in the Shell first-person shooter. The online title is for PC and looks like it could be a good time. » 11/20/14 5:00am 11/20/14 5:00am

Zombie Shooter Epidemic Spreads To Counter-Strike

The series may be an apocalypse or two late to the party, but massively popular multiplayer shooter Counter-Strike is getting a zombie-centric spin-off. Huh. Well, I guess it worked for Call of Duty. » 8/07/14 1:15pm 8/07/14 1:15pm

On Cliff Bleszinski, Zynga & Meetings

Cliff "Cliffy "Dude Huge" B" Bleszinski, formerly of Epic but on a break for a while, has a new gig. It's being published by Nexon, but before signing on that dotted line, he met with pretty much everyone. And that included Zynga. » 7/09/14 9:30pm 7/09/14 9:30pm

Gamers Hit With Criminal Charges Allegedly Made Tons Of Money

Yesterday, Nexon announced that charges were being pressed against three Sudden Attack gamers for allegedly cheating online. Today, new reports reveal that the teens' apparent underhanded gaming tricks supposedly earned them $80,000. » 6/26/14 8:00am 6/26/14 8:00am

Gamers Hit with Criminal Charges for Cheating Online [Update]

In Japan, online game company Nexon is pressing charges against three gamers, ages 17 to 18, for obstruction of business. In short, the gamers were allegedly using in-game cheats for online FPS Sudden Attack. That, it seems, was hurting the game and Nexon. » 6/25/14 8:00am 6/25/14 8:00am

Two Gamers Are Going To Jail For Stealing $6,405 In Virtual Items

Stealing is bad. Stealing items in online games is also bad, and usually there's not much that can be done to combat it—so it's super good news that two Chinese internet thieves have been sentenced to prison terms. » 5/05/14 8:00am 5/05/14 8:00am

Inside One of the World's Biggest Game Companies

Nexon, perhaps best known for Maple Story, was founded in South Korea. Its headquarters is now in Tokyo, however. We are not going to look in its headquarters. Instead, let's have a look in its new South Korean digs. » 1/14/14 5:30am 1/14/14 5:30am

Here's the Counter-Strike Player Who Won a Real Pig

FIFA Online Spat in South Korea Leads to Developer Lawsuit

Korean game company Neowiz filed a lawsuit against EA Korea over FIFA Online, reports Korean site Gamemeca (via tipster Sang). » 9/25/13 8:00am 9/25/13 8:00am

Video Game CEO Becomes a Professional Baseball Pitcher

Some people dream of being a game company boss. Former Korean game company boss Min Huh dreams of playing professional baseball. And those dreams are now a reality. » 8/29/13 8:00am 8/29/13 8:00am

Dirty Bomb Gets a Publisher and a New Name

Dirty Bomb, the free-to-play shooter coming soon from the makers of Brink, has changed its name to Extraction and while one might think the swap was done for reasons of taste or not attracting government surveillance, the real reason is more quotidian, says the studio. » 8/28/13 11:00am 8/28/13 11:00am

Virtual Same-Sex Marriage is Thriving in This Online Fantasy Game

You can play as an orc or dark elf in loads of massively multiplayer online games. But you can’t marry someone of the same gender in most of them. That’s not the case in Nexon’s Mabinogi. » 5/17/13 1:30pm 5/17/13 1:30pm

Obama Crushes Romney in Ohio (Among Players of Maple Story)

President Barack Obama basically annihilated Mitt Romney in a new poll in the key swing state of Ohio. Too bad for Obama that the vote only involved players of the online game Maple Story. » 11/06/12 4:15pm 11/06/12 4:15pm

The Grinns Tale Launches, Charming the Pants Off of Everybody

Nexon's free-to-play social RPG The Grinns Tale, which I crowed about a few weeks back, officially launches today. Here's the opening movie. Yes, a social game with an elaborate opening movie. It's also got some interesting stats. » 11/06/12 10:55am 11/06/12 10:55am

The Wondrous Armor of The Grinns Tale

You're looking at the tier six armor for Nexon's utterly wondrous social RPG The Grinns Tale, which I wrote about on that website we had last week. Official launch is November 6, but you can play it now, or watch a video about the game's whimsical design. Your choice! » 11/02/12 9:40am 11/02/12 9:40am