Mirror's Edge Felt Real, And That's What Made It So Special

I could write about Mirror's Edge all day. About how much I love it, how important it's been to this generation of gaming. I could talk about its visual design, which remains as fresh and iconic today as it did back in 2009. I could take about Magnus "Solar Fields" Birgersson's wonderful score. Instead, though, I'm… »10/16/13 11:30pm10/16/13 11:30pm

This Is Mirror's Edge In Real Life. It Is Terrifying

I can’t tell if these guys are imitating Mirror’s Edge, or if this video is just a testament to how well the game captured what parkour feels like. Either way, this first person Parkour video is so much like Mirror’s Edge that it’s actually a little bit terrifying. »7/01/13 12:30am7/01/13 12:30am

There’s even moments that feel like it is straight… »7/01/13 12:30am7/01/13 12:30am