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Bless These Hard-Working Mirror’s Edge Kids

Near the entrance to your base in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, two young cyber-runner rebels have taken the aphorism “practice makes perfect” to heart.


You’ll pass them on your way to meet with your rebel boss. The game doesn’t tell you their names, so I’m assuming they’re called “Apex and Daedalus” or “Jinx and Bosco” or something like that.

Illustration for article titled Bless These Hard-Working iMirror’s Edge/i Kids

They are really into practicing their wall-running. First Bosco runs across, then Jinx. (Bosco is the one wearing sunglasses.)

Then they go back the other way. Bosco, Jinx. Bosco, Jinx. Rinse and repeat, endlessly. I can’t quite tell whether their wall running is actually improving. As a casual observer, it seems fine.

The best part of this looping animation is when Jinx gives Bosco a “you’re up” shoulder tap:


The megacorps may take our freedom, they may take our lives, but they can’t take our sportsmanlike camaraderie!


I’ll have a full review of Catalyst next week. In the meantime, my review of the runners’ work ethic: I’m impressed.

Kotaku Editor-at-Large

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